Motherhood IS Worship


“What if God wants fellowship with us right where we are – even in the commotion of ordinary life?”

Gloria Furman poses this question in her book, Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full.  This is a question that I have thought a lot about during the past nine months since my son has been born.

As soon as my son was born, my spiritual life was turned upside down. Gone were the quiet hours of Bible study and writing that I cherished. Gone were the in depth word studies and the peaceful solitude.

I felt like a bad Christian. I wanted to spend time with the Lord, but I had a very fussy newborn who never slept for the first two months of his life. I started off reading a chapter of the Bible every time I nursed, but the more sleep deprived I got the less that happened.

One evening, out of desperation, I tried singing hymns to my newborn as I walked back and forth trying to calm him. To my surprise, he loved the singing. Quickly, singing to him as I rocked him became part of his sleeping routine.

It struck me one day that I was worshipping God as I sang to my baby. Those countless hours of rocking and singing became a sweet time of worship.

I realized that motherhood is worship. They are not two separate entities. Worship is not something that we do just on Sunday mornings or in our quiet times. Worship is made up of every moment that you dedicate to praising and serving the Lord.

Motherhood provides countless opportunities to worship the Lord. Little hands and little toes point to the creativity of our Father. Long nights provide countless moments to rely on the Lord’s strength. And disobedient children give occasion to showcase the Gospel.

Not only do we have plenty of opportunities to worship the Lord as mothers, but we get to model worship to others. Our children and the world around us are watching how we worship the Lord. They are watching as we turn ordinary moments into extraordinary times of worship.

God has made us mothers because He desires our praise. He has chosen for us to be mothers because that is the exact situation we need to be in to grow to be more like Him and to increase in our praises of Him.

Next time your baby cries or your toddler whines, choose to worship as Gloria Furman suggests:

Respond to God’s calls to worship throughout your days and nights, serving and nurturing helpless little ones and worshipping the author of life.

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