An Unlikely Friend

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It has been a long day of crying babies, complaining colleagues, or college midterms. You need a friend to help you through. Someone who will encourage you to keep going when it gets difficult.

You have a friend who is closer than you think! He goes by the name perseverance.

In those moments of difficulty, perseverance is a friend that you can rely on. When life is monotonous, he is motivating. When life is terrifying, he is tenacious. When life is discouraging, he is dependable.

But perseverance is hard to be friends with. He is not the most exciting person. He does not demand your attention. But if you pursue him, you will have a rewarding friendship.

Once you get to know him, perseverance is a faithful fellow. He is always there when you need him. This friend will not run away at the first sign of a problem.

He is not flashy or conceited. In fact, sometimes he spends months and years faithfully chugging on. Just working on the task at hand. His tasks are simple, but his goals are big.

Perseverance does not seek attention or a reward. He is motivated by the knowledge that faithfulness is the goal. He wants to grow in character above all.

Perseverance has vision. He can see beyond the immediate to a greater reward. He knows that each faithfully completing each daily task in an investment toward a future reward.

As a spouse, perseverance pursues even when his spouse is undeserving. He invests in his marriage regardless of what he gets in return. He constantly seeks to put his spouse’s interest above his own.

As a parent, perseverance is patient. He will gently repeat instruction as many times as is necessary. He will play the same games over and over. He will consistently put his children’s needs above his own. He will get up in the night to soothe a bad dream or feed a baby.

As an employee, perseverance is purposeful. He wants to do his best every day. He does not mind if the days are all the same. He faithfully fulfills his obligations and even strives to grow. He works every day to be better at his job.

As a student, perseverance is persistent. Difficult classes do not discourage him. He puts his head down and plugs away. Little by little, he chips away at his assignments.

Perseverance pursues, is patient, is purposeful, and is persistent. His tasks are simple, but his goals are big. He willingly completes the daily duties for the sake of eternal goals. He knows that faithfulness here on earth will result in an eternal reward.

Get to know this faithful friend. He is well worth it!

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