On the Ground Christians

On the ground Christians

As a mom, I have spent more time on the ground than I ever have in my whole life. I am often laying next to my baby playing with him. (Or let’s be honest – laying and closing my eyes for a second while he is playing next to me! 😉 )

And as a mom, I have come to realize that moms are “on the ground Christians.” Not because we are on the physical ground a lot, but because we are on the ground ministering to those around us.

Daily Discipling 

Moms are the ones who spend the most time with the children. They are there for every meal, every play date, every middle of the night comforting. This means that moms have the most opportunity to influence their children for Christ. My little one is only seven months old, but I have been thinking a lot about this as he grows and begins to understand more. It is easy to get caught up in the mundane of motherhood. But mothering is a spiritual task. We have the chance to point our kids to Christ when they are selfish. We get to teach them to trust in the Lord when they are scared. We have a huge calling!

Opportunities to Interact 

I have found that I have more opportunities to interact with unbelievers than ever before. I am the one who is home when someone knocks on my door and wants to tell me about their religion. I am the one at the park or in the neighborhood talking to other moms. Having children gives me a natural connection with others and I am learning to be more bold about my faith.

Ministry to My Husband

In this season of life, I also have the privilege of being able to minister to my husband. I get to be his partner and support his ministry. I free him up by taking care of our home and children. I have the opportunity to pray for him, encourage him, and participate where I can. I am thankful for this season where I can be more available to him. I am in the trenches with him helping him fight his battles and accomplish his ministry.

On the Ground Christians

We are on the front lines battling for the hearts of our children. We are on the ground interacting with unbelievers. We are in the trenches ministering to and with our husbands. Mamas, it is so easy to get caught up in the doing. Doing the laundry, doing the dishes, etc. But let us remember that there are souls around us that need Christ!

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