11 Things I Learned from My Mom


I am incredibly thankful for my mom and all that she has taught me! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

  1. Love is tireless – My mom constantly serves her family. She displays Christ-like love through continuously putting others before herself.
  2. To notice the person who is alone – My mom taught us to notice who might be alone in youth group or at a social event. She taught us to reach out to them and to befriend them.
  3. Life-on-life discipleship – I grew up watching my mom disciple young girls my bringing them into her home and including them in whatever she was doing. They would make a meal together and talk about their walks with the Lord. As a mom of seven kids, my mom did not always have time to “formally” disciple girls. They did not sit down and study a book. But she would teach them about Christ and life skills while they cooked together.
  4. To put my husband first – My mom is her husband’s helpmate. She constantly puts my dad first, even in the little things. She always honors him by giving him the best portion of food or by choosing meals that he likes. She has taught me a lot about what it means to be a helper to my husband.
  5. To encourage my children in their pursuits – I am amazed how my parents have always encouraged their children in their pursuits. When we have told them what we wanted to do with our lives, they never questioned us. They always helped us to attain those goals.
  6. The priority of serving – At about 18 years old, I remember listening to a missionary friend ask my mom how she taught her kids to be servant-hearted. As my mom answered her, I was shocked that my parents had thought through how to teach their kids that. But as I listened, I realized how intentional my parents had been about exemplifying serving and by giving us opportunities to serve.
  7. How to be a hostess – My mom has not only taught me pretty much everything I know about cooking, but she has exemplified how to be a gracious hostess. She has modeled how to plan and prepare in such a way that anticipates the guests needs and makes them feel welcome.
  8. The importance of fervent prayer – When we were younger, we used to laugh at my mom for crying all the time. She would cry at the end of a good book or at the end of praying. Back then we thought it was funny, but now I appreciate her sensitive heart for the things of the Lord.
  9. To not be ashamed of making different choices – My family has made a lot of choices that were different from other people’s. My parents had seven kids and homeschooled all of them. Just right there, they were different from most people. My mom always has stood up for her convictions and has never been afraid to make decisions that were different. But at the same time, she has never made other people feel bad if they made different decisions than we did.
  10. To always be a learner – My mom is constantly learning and trying new things. It is incredibly inspiring!
  11. To honor Christ in all I do – With my mom, it always comes back to honoring the Lord. In anything and everything that we do, it is about the Lord.

I could list 100 things that my mom has taught me. These 11 barely scratch the surface. With Mother’s day approaching, I want to honor her for the incredible mother, wife, and servant, she is! I hope that when I am a mother I can be as giving, intentional, and driven as she is.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you!


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  • This is a great list and very inspiring. I can only hope to be some of these things to my boys. Thank you for sharing!

  • Emily

    I absolutely love this post! Mothers always demonstrate more to their kids than they know.