A Love Story: Her Version

I met my husband Nick when I was a freshman at The Master’s College. He teases me because I just thought of him as a friend initially. He was shorter than me and younger than me and it honestly did not cross my mind to think of him in a romantic way! (Sorry, babe!)

We had mutual friends and all of us would hang out in a group. We had hilarious game nights, late night taco runs, and even a trip to Disneyland together. We all had a really good time hanging out together and are all still very close to this day!

Love story

First trip to Disneyland // Wedding Party // We are all still friends!


Almost exactly four years ago, Nick and I had our first one on one conversation. I was supposed to go to the beach with my two best friends, but I had stayed home to help my mom get ready for Easter. Nick and I had been chatting on Skype, when he suggested that we video chat. I think we talked for an hour that first time.

Up until that point, we had talked a lot but only in a group setting. During that conversation, Nick told me about his desire to be a pastor and it was the first time that I heard about his passion for ministry. I came away from that conversation thinking, Wow, he is an awesome guy and I love his heart for the Lord.

The next day was Easter and Nick was supposed to come over to my family’s home to celebrate (along with several other college students). I found myself checking my phone constantly to see if he was on his way. That is weird, I thought. I have never been anxious/nervous to see him before. That was the first time that I realized I was interested in him.

There was only a month of school left at that point and throughout the last month I did not have a lot of opportunity to talk to him. I knew that he was going back to New Hampshire for the summer and I did not think we would talk at all.

Nick left for the summer and I was very sad. I knew that he had no idea that I was interested in him. I did not initiate talking to him at all because I did not want to manipulate the situation at all and I wanted to know that if something happened that it was not my doing it was the Lord’s. I don’t know if I would counsel that to everyone, it was just a personal decision I had made.

About a week after he left, he randomly video Skyped me. We talked for an hour (maybe even two!) and I was in heaven! I was leaving for a week trip with my family and I casually let him know that we would be in the car for long hours and I would probably be bored… so if he wanted to text me… He did not get the hint…I spent a very long week hoping that he would text me.

To be continued…


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