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Blessed Assurance

This hymn tells that having Christ is a foretaste of the glories that we will experience in heaven.


Do you long to make things beautiful? Do you strive to make your home lovely? Do you innately want to create and shape the things around you into something that is pleasing to the eye? Does a sunset take your breath away or a blank piece of canvas call your name? Your heart aches for beauty in a world that is broken. //

Do you long for home? Do you feel like a piece of you is missing when you are away? Do you long for the warmth and comfort and familiarity of the place that you love best?  You pine for a place that is peaceful and protected in the midst of a chaotic world. //

Do you long for companionship? Do you desire someone to love and to be loved? Do you thrive off of relationships with people? Do you feel refreshed when you have had a sweet time with friends or lots of laughs? You flourish with rich fellowship.   //

Have you ever wondered why you have these longings? Longings for supreme beauty, longings for a secure home, longings for sincere companionship.

You have these longings because you were not created for this world. You were created for perfect beauty, a perfect home, and perfect companionship. The elements of this world are a mere shadow of the perfection that awaits us in heaven. These things will never entirely satisfy our longings because they are just a taste.

They are a foretaste of heaven where we will experience perfection. The Lord of hosts provides perfect beauty, perfect rest, and perfect companionship. You were created for a world where all these desires will be fulfilled.

We get to taste these things here on earth because we were made in the image of God. Because we are created to be like Him, we desire those heavenly things. However, sin has tainted the world. Because of sin’s curse, our longings will never be satisfied.

Each time you miss home or miss your friends, let those things remind you that someday you will “be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48) I love the Steven Curtis Chapman song that says “we are just pilgrims passing through.” This world is not our final destination. We look forward with glorious hope that someday we will have eternal life with Christ.


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  • Amen! We all long for perfection and that perfection is Christ!

  • Christy

    I’m most looking forward to seeing where God will lead me this year, and the people I’ll meet along the way. I’ll be going off to college this fall! So excited! Btw, I love this blog. It is sooo encouraging. Thank you so much for sharing on it.

  • In 2014, I am looking forward to the RESTORATION the Lord has in store for me. 🙂 I have NO idea what that will be, but I’m excited about it. HE IS GOOD, all of the time!!

    gayle | grace for gayle
    I’m a #Previvor!

  • Kelly Reyes

    Seeing my niece and nephew!