Things to Look for in a Husband // He is going to kill me…but I had to!

He is probably going to kill me for doing this… but I had to take a break from the hospitality series today to share with you what was on my heart today. This morning I spent some time reading through and crying over my old journals because today marks three years that my husband and I have been together. The Lord has tremendously blessed me. All of this is possible because of HIS grace. We are two wicked and undeserving sinners. The Lord is good.

2 years of being boyfriend and girlfriend + 4 months of being engaged + 8 months of being married = 3 of the sweetest years of love and growth I have ever experienced.

I thought I would brag on my husband a little bit today! Lord willing, it would inspire those of you who are single to look for a man who loves and fears the Lord above all and it would encourage those of you who are married to praise your husband for the good things that you see the Lord doing in him.

Every year I have written down a list of why I am thankful for Nick. The second year in it turned into a list of why I loved him. 🙂 This year I have a list of why I am thankful for him and love him!

Year One: 

  1.  He loves the Lord more than any other guy his age I know.
  2. He is gentle and kind to all.
  3. He seeks daily to live a more holy life.
  4. He wants to see me grow in the Lord.
  5. He is humble and teachable.
  6. I can talk to him about anything and he helps me have a godly response.
  7. I have the most fun with him.
  8. He is my best friend.
  9. He has a heart for ministry.
  10. He loves to learn.
  11. He is devoted to prayer and to the Word.
  12. He is patient.
Our very first date together!

Our very first date together! We were babies – only 18 & 19!

Year Two: 

  1. He pushes me to be more like Christ.
  2. He does not tolerate sin.
  3. I have more fun with him than anyone else.
  4. We are like-minded.
  5. He is good-looking.
  6. He is compassionate.
  7. He is passionate about the Lord and life.
  8. He treats me like a princess and all girls like ladies.
  9. He strives to love me with a Christ-like love.
  10. He is generous.
  11. He think of others as more important.
  12. He is hardworking.
Last year was a big year! We graduated from college, got engaged, got jobs, and got our first apartment!

Last year was a big year! We graduated from college, got engaged, got jobs, and got our first apartment! (Yes, we totally caught those guys at the wrong moment! I promise that is just a congratulatory hug!)

Year Three: 

  1. He is quick to take the blame and always seeks forgiveness first.
  2. He is willing to be silly to make me laugh.
  3. He honors my convictions even if they are not the same as his.
  4. He seeks my good and happiness first.
  5. The Gospel flows naturally from his tongue to all he comes in contact with.
  6. He doesn’t do things halfway.
  7. He is hospitable and willing to share our home and resources with others.
  8. He is a patient and gifted teacher.
  9. He loves the church.
  10. He strives to be a godly leader for our home.
  11. He honors me as his wife.
  12. He inspires me to love the Lord more.
Happy three years together and 8 months (yesterday) of marriage!

Happy three years together and 8 months (yesterday) of marriage!

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  • MJ

    AWWWW. You two are the cutest. I just love how fond you are of him! It’s so nice to see a young Christian couple aspiring towards Christlikeness, both as individuals and in their marriage. Keep the faith and continue to fight the good fight until the very end 🙂

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