Trash2Treasure Tuesday – Make a Dress into a Skirt


I have been really excited to share this project with you guys! I love taking clothes from the thrift store and transforming them into something new and cute. I am not a great seamstress, so if I can do this anyone can!

How to turn a dress into a skirt:

My sister had purchased a dress that was too big for her, but she liked the fabric.


First, I cut off the top of the dress. I cut right below the elastic band and removed it completely from the dress.


Next, I stitched a big basting stitch all around the top of the skirt. I did this because the skirt was so much wider than her waist. I did not knot the fabric, but left a long tail so I could pull the thread and gather the fabric.


I adjusted the gathered material and made sure that it matched up with the wide elastic band that my sister had bought. (We had already made sure that the band fit her and we had sewn it closed with a simple stitch). I pinned it so that it would stay in place while I sewed it.


Then using a special stitch on the sewing machine for elastic, I sewed the skirt and the elastic band together.


Here is a close-up of the skirt.


And the best part is – you get a cute top to go with it!


Just kidding! 😉

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  • Teach me how to do this!!!! I want to try it sometime. Especially if I get a cute top out of it, like the last photo! 😉 Ps. love this, love you guys.

  • Great work! Looks doable, and that’s a lot for me to say, because I’m not a seamstress either!

  • Thanks for the tip! Love the pattern 🙂

  • Yes, very cute top! Haha.. 😉