The Easter Message from Abortion

SCV Pregnancy Center Banquet

It made the evening a lot more emotional since I am pregnant.


I sat there in my fancy dress eating a fancy meal and I wept. Despite my best efforts, I could not hold back my tears. In a room of 500 hundred people, I felt like I was the only one crying. Well, my husband and I were both a mess.

We were at a banquet for our local pregnancy center. Surprisingly, it was not the gruesome details of abortion that had me weeping. I was totally overwhelmed by the forgiveness of Christ and the transformative power of His Word.

The speaker was Abby Johnson and she shared her story of how God completely overhauled her life.

Abby had been the director of the largest Planned Parenthood in the United States for years. She had done indescribable things to babies and she had counseled countless women to choose abortion.  She worked 80 hours a week and her only friends were those from work. This was not just a career, it was her life.

Ms. Johnson told how one day while watching an abortion via ultrasound her life was turned upside down. As she watched the 12 week-old life struggle, she realized that what she was doing was horribly wrong.

She did not know what to do. She was torn because she felt a tremendous guilt, but at the same time this place and these people were her whole world. How do you just get up and walk away? How do you walk away from your career, your friends, and your large salary She did not know who to turn too.

However, there was one group of people who she knew would help her. Right next door to the clinic was a pregnancy center. She was well aware that this group of Christians had been praying for her for many years.

Abby confessed the conflict of emotions she had as she went to them for help. She described their immediate willingness to look past years of hurt to help her. And most heartrending of all, she recounted how, as she drove away from the clinic, a man (who had been praying for her for nine years) fell to the ground weeping and rejoicing over answered prayer.

And that is when I lost it.

I was overwhelmed by the forgiveness displayed by these Christians. They showed the instantaneous and complete forgiveness that Christ has shown to us. They got to see first-hand Christ transform a life.

This Saturday, I am reminded that that is what Easter is about. We celebrate that Christ died and rose from the grave to transform the life of sinners.

Jesus provides the ultimate forgiveness. His forgiveness not only is immediate, but it is complete. Once and for all, He wipes away our sin and our guilt and restores us to perfect fellowship with Him.

It does not matter what you have done – abortion, adultery, addiction – your life can be transformed.

And that is the Easter message I learned from abortion.

A New Ministry – Glory Books Blog

Glory Books Women's Blog

Stop by the blog and read my article today!

Hi, friends!

Today I am excited to share with you about a new ministry that I am a part of. I have the opportunity of being a contributor to the Glory Books Women’s blog. I highly encourage you to add this blog to your reading list.

It is a collaboration of authors writing on a variety of topics. Each woman has a passion to see other women grow to be more like Christ.

This past month we have focused on the theme of the fruit of the Spirit. It has been amazing to be able to learn from different women all over the country about the truths of the fruit of the Spirit.

I have particularly enjoyed the article by Dr. Pat Ennis, my former professor at The Master’s College. She wrote about how the Titus 2 passage ties in with the fruit of the Spirit.

I also enjoyed the post by fellow seminary wife, Abigail Larsen, on finding joy in the mundane.

Stop by today and read my article on the Glory books blog about self-control!

Happy Friday!


What Not to Say to Someone Trying to Get Pregnant

As I have talked about before, it took us quite a while to get pregnant. Here are a few things that I recommend not saying to someone who is struggling with getting pregnant or struggling with any trial for that matter.

Do not say: 

“Oh, but you have only been married “X” amount of time.” – This can be discouraging to someone who is struggling because to them it is a long time. It is especially painful for someone who is trying to get pregnant because they are meticulously tracking each day, praying for a certain outcome.

You should not even think about kids yet.” – This comment, I know, is not meant to be unkind. But for someone who is desperately trying not to be consumed with the thought of children, this comment can be very difficult.

This is not the hardest thing that you will go through.” – This is a very scary thing to hear. We see the failure in our own hearts to correctly handle a trial and it is intimidating to think there will be worse trials.

I know someone who did x, y, z, and then got pregnant.” – It is hard to hear these words because we realize that this is in the Lord’s hands and there is no magic formula to remove a trial.

Well, it took so-and-so seven years to get pregnant!” – For someone longing to have a baby, this is their worst fear.

You can always adopt!” - Adoption is a beautiful thing, but that is not very comforting to someone who is longing to bear a child of their own.

Do say: 

I am praying for you.” – If you do not know what to say, tell your friend this. Better yet, ask if you can pray for them right then and there.

I am struggling too.” – There is nothing more encouraging to one’s soul than to bear one another’s burdens.

This is a Scripture that has helped me in time of need.” - God’s Word is more effective than anything that you could ever say.

You know, I have never struggled with that, but I know someone (or a book or a blog post) that might be helpful for you.” – Godly resources are so precious to someone going through a trial.

The most important thing is to be sensitive. We cannot always relate to someone’s trial, but we can be kind. Gently point someone back to God’s Word.

What has been helpful to you in going through a trial?

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Titus2minutes Turns Two!


I took an unplanned month off of blogging due to a lack of energy. But I am out of the first trimester of pregnancy and starting to have some more energy. Yay!

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A Punch in the Face

It took us a lot longer to get pregnant than we ever dreamed it would. It was definitely a huge test of our faith for us. If you are struggling with this, please email me. I would love to pray for you! I wrote this post a while back about what we were learning.


I don’t know why a year is the magic number. But I had always thought that I would consider writing something after a year was up. Maybe it’s because after a year has passed you need to see a doctor. Or because every time I have tried to write this post I dissolve into tears.

You don’t know how many times I have prayed, “Lord, I don’t want to write about this. Please don’t let me go through this. I don’t want to write about this.” I told the Lord I wouldn’t write about this. It is too raw and too painful. But a couple of Sundays ago as I was weeping in the bathroom at church, I heard someone else in there weeping too. And I knew that there are other people struggling. And it made me want to be a bit more open about our struggles.

We want to be parents. But in the past ten months (I actually wrote this post almost five months ago. So its been about 15 months now) of trying to have a child the Lord has not decided to give us one. We never expected to have a hard time getting pregnant. It’s been a punch in the face to our faith. It’s knocked me down and made me question can I get up again and trust the Lord?

Because that is what it comes down to. Am I willing to trust the Lord? 

Am I willing to trust Him even if we never have a child? Am I willing to trust that He is working in our life?

I have never seen the effects of sin more clearly. Bodies effected by sin that don’t work the way God intended. Abortion. Teen pregnancies. Each one a slap in the face; a sharp reminder that we live in a fallen world. Each one a reminder asking do I trust God? Do I trust that He is good? 

I bawl every time I see a pregnancy announcement on Facebook. Every time. First babies, second babies, sixth babies. Each one a reminder, do I trust God? Do I trust that He is just

I die a little bit every time someone tells me, “Oh you have only been married a year and a half! You shouldn’t think about kids!” Do I trust that God is sovereign?

When we finally stopped making plans that included the phrase, “Well, if we get pregnant…”, I asked myself do I trust that God is bigger than our plans? 

I don’t feel qualified to write this post. We don’t medically fall into the category of infertile yet, so I have hesitated to write this post. I also have hesitated to write it because I know that there are those of you who have struggled for years with infertility and have had to deal with things that we have hardly scratched the surface of. I am thankful for your examples of faith. Your examples encourage us to trust the Lord.

We are learning to trust the Lord in ways that we have never had to before. We are thankful that we are forced to decide, “Will we trust the Lord?” Yes, we will. Even when it is hard and we cry together, we will choose to say, “Lord, blessed be your name.”