Dear Christian Praying for Grace


Dear Christian,

You are praying for grace. You are hurting and you do not know what to do. Pain is blinding. It confuses you and you cry out to the Lord.

You are praying for wisdom. You do not know what to do. The situation is beyond your control. You pray and pray and pray. But you are at a loss.

You cry out to the Lord for grace. You say, “Lord, I need grace to get through this. This is hard. Sustain me and help me navigate through.”

You are confused and hurt when nothing seems to change.

Oh Christian, I want to remind you today, that you have already been given the grace that you need. It is there for the taking. Every ounce of grace that we need is already promised to us. We just need to draw upon it.

In our pride, we forget that we have already been given everything we need for life and godliness. We choose to ignore the promises of God and then we cry out that nothing is happening.

But Christian, the same Spirit that God used to create the Heavens and the earth is the same Spirit that resides in you. The power to resist temptation and to obey Christ’s commands is already within you.

If you are a true child of God, you have already been given unmeasurable grace. Stop looking at your situation and start looking at the Savior.

Christian, today I pray that you grasp the grace that you have been given. I pray that you praise the Father because He has given you what you need. I pray that you keep praying – not because you are hopeless, but because it aligns your will to God’s.

I pray, dear Christian, that you thank Him that you are helpless. It forces you to draw upon the grace that you have already been given.

May you remember the great gift you have been given in your salvation.



Dripping Jesus


I want to be one of those people who just drips Jesus. You know who those people are. The ones whose face lights up when they talk about the sweetness of their Savior. The ones who can’t talk about anything else; the name of Christ is always on their lips. They are just dripping Jesus.

I want to be one of those people!

I was talking to my husband last night about my favorite Psalm, Psalm 63. As I described why I loved that Psalm, it occurred to me that the psalmist was one of those people who just overflowed with love for the Lord.

How do we cultivate this heart?

All You Desire

The psalmist describes how his longing for God is like someone longing for water in the desert. This is poignant imagery. If you were wandering through the desert and looking for water, that would be an all-consuming task. Trust me. You would not care what kind of clothes you have on or what people think of you. All you want is water.

Is my longing for the Lord all-consuming? 

All You Can Eat

The second word picture the psalmist uses is that of someone eating marrow and fatness. According to my knowledge of Ancient Near East culture, marrow and fatness were a rarity. It was something you got to eat if you were wealthy. It was not a common every day item. Maybe in our culture this would be akin to filet mignon. Knowing God is more satisfying than the most decadent dish.

Am I more satisfied by knowing Christ than anything else?

All You Can Think Of

The psalmist says in verse 6 that when he is lying in his bed at night his mind is filled with thought of the Lord. I don’t know about you, but when I am awake in the middle of the night, my mind is not filled with thoughts of God. Usually my mind is spinning thinking about everything I need to do or conversations that I had that day. I am definitely not kept awake by thoughts of Christ.

Is my mind filled with thoughts of Christ? 

How do we become someone who is dripping Jesus Christ? Jesus needs to be all we desire, all that satisfies us, and all we can think of. When we fill our minds and hearts with His Word and His person, we will naturally overflow and drip Jesus.

The highest praise that we can receive is for someone to tell us that we are overflowing with the love of Christ. Let us be people who are dripping Jesus!


More Hospitality and More Babysitting


Since my husband and I don’t have any kids, I asked my mom for some ways that a married couple with kids could serve. And you guys, she should have written this whole series! Her ideas were so insightful! I am excited to share them with you today!

My mom wrote that she believes that as adults we should all be serving.  We should have our kids serve alongside us because our kids learn from our example.

Prepare Meals for Others

What better way to teach your kids to cook and instill a spirit of service in them than to prepare meals together? Prepare meals together for those who just had a baby, have an illness, or just need encouragement.

Serve at Church Together

You can teach Sunday school with your kids or help in AWANA. Anything that allows you to serve with your kids is a great training ground for learning to serve the church.

Open Your Home 

As we have talked about previously, it is essential to open up your home to others. Let your kids help with the preparations and the clean up. Teach hospitality and thoughtfulness by example.


Babysitting is a great opportunity to teach your kids how to care for children. If you are tied to your home, you can easily watch someone else’s kids at your home.

Write Notes

This is a great way to minister if you are not able to leave your house often. You can write notes to grandparents, shut-ins, and missionaries. Nothing brightens someone’s day like a cute drawing or note from a child.

I can speak from experience that these are great ways to teach children to have a heart to serve. My own parents taught these by example and I am so thankful that they were so intentional with their parenting!

This week we looked at ways to serve as a single person, how to serve as a married couple, and lastly how to serve as a married couple with kids.

What unique ways have you found to serve in your specific season of life?

Babysitting and Mission Trips


Yesterday we looked at unique ways that a single person could serve, so it would only make sense to talk today about unique that a married couple without kids could serve.

Serve Together

Couples without kids have the luxury of being able to serve together. I know it gets harder to serve together when there are crying babies or sick children. So teach Sunday school together or be part of the together. I have been tremendously blessed by getting to teach Sunday school with my husband. I have gotten to learn how he thinks, what our strengths and weaknesses are, and how we can work together as a team. It’s a blessing.

Open Up Your Home 

Twice in the past year I have heard someone mention that in all their time going to a church they had never been invited to someone’s home. THAT IS NOT OKAY. Can we make a commitment right now to opening our homes? I know it is hard to find time when you are both working, but if you don’t open up your home you are forfeiting the blessings that come with opening up your home. Blessings which include deep friendship, the ability to share the Good News, and a lot of fun!


I know that single people are always told to babysit, but I think that more married couples should babysit. Not only is it good practice, but it is more fun for the kids. I know that kids love my husband. He is willing to be silly with them and play crazy games.

Go on Missions Trips

Also, I would encourage married couples to go on missions trips together. You have no idea how the Lord could change the course of your life and ministry until you experience another culture together.

These definitely overlap with some of the things that we talked about yesterday. That is because all believers are called to be hospitable, share the Good News, and serve others.

Hospitality Isn’t Just for Married People

Ways to serve as a single person

There have been plenty of articles written about using your time as a single person to glorify the Lord. And while going on mission trips and babysitting are worthwhile uses of your time, I want to take it a step further.

Practice Hospitality 

Friends, hospitality is not just for married people. As believers, we are all commanded to be hospitable. Honestly, some of the most impactful times I have spent in someone’s home have been in the home of a single person. I remember in college going over to a single professor’s home. I was blown away by her charming condo and warm conversation. For some reason, it hadn’t ever occurred to me until then that single people are homemakers (and spiritual mothers) also.

And hospitality isn’t just for those who have a place of their own. Hospitality means meeting someone’s needs. Each time you go out of your way to meet someone’s need you are being hospitable.

Minister to Other Singles

Let’s face it, I can’t encourage you as much as another single person can because I am married. I do not have to face the unique struggles and experience the specific joys that you get to. But there are other people out there that do face those things. As much as you need encouragement at times, there are people who need encouragement from you. I think that there is nothing more refreshing than being able to laugh and cry and pray with someone who is in the same stage of life as you.

Be Early to Church and/or Stay Late

You do not have little kids to get ready or a spouse who needs to get up early for work. The Lord has given you the freedom to be able to serve in ways that married people, especially those with kids, cannot. Get to church early and make coffee. Stay late talking to others or stacking chairs. The Lord gives gifts for the purpose of edifying the body. Edify the body with your use of time.

Get to Know Families 

Hang out with families. Invest in their kids and learn from the parents. You will learn so much about parenting and discipleship as you watch families interact. What better preparation for a family someday (Lord willing) than to be a part of a godly family?

Serve Your Family

If you are blessed to live near your family, invest in them. Spend time with them and pursue relationships with them. I can attest that once you are married it only gets harder to find the time. Go to sports games, take your siblings shopping, and be an example of Christ.

Friends, invest in those around you. Cherish the time with friends and family. Enjoy the flexibility. And rejoice in gifts from a good God.